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The Falcoholic Survey Results Are in...

An interesting dive into our unique community!

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

After asking you to fill out a tedious survey, I have the results ready to share. I really did enjoy reading through all the comments and creative answers. However, I do not appreciate those stupid Saints fans trying to fill out the survey and pretend like they're part of our community. Those jerks...

We ended up with 644 responses. I was really surprised at the volume - so a big 'thank you' to everyone for contributing! The volume of results would be a little hectic to post within the article, so look for a link to my workbook below. I'll hit on some of the highlights and my favorite areas.

We had responses from 42 different states and 21 different countries! Our fandom runs deep - we have people that became fans in every year from 1965 to 2014. I also need to credit Dave for his "dealing" and creation of Falcoholism. 80% of our community checks the website at least once per day.

With all the fuss about winning a Superbowl, I was actually surprised that 87% of respondents think that our current regime can lead us to the promise land. The average number of wins you think Mike Smith needs to retain his position is 8.9, while that number for Thomas Dimitroff is 8.2. Our community also believes, on average, that the Falcons will win 10.9 games. When I compared the expected wins against minimum wins needed for both, 72% of you think Smith will be safe, and 80% believe the same for Dimitroff.

To spit off just a couple other quick results:

  • On average, we all expect Julio to have around 1,429 receptions yards this season. Some one was bold enough to predict 1,000,000 yards, which would be great! I did remove that from the average, though. Sorry!
  • Bobby Petrino is a dick.
  • 21 People would prefer to be as smart as a Saints fan.
  • The 49ers and Patriots are among both the top 5 most commonly hated and liked teams, which I thought was funny.

To read the full results, here's a link to my workbook. Since everyone didn't answer every question, the counts will not add up to 644. Some questions have a ton of responses (player related questions, for example), but I thought it would be interesting for you to see the diversity of results.

Again, thanks to everyone for participating. I had fun putting this together and look forward to posting some correlations down the road. Please share your reactions and discuss what you find interesting!