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2014 NFL Hall of Fame Game: Date, Time, And Channel for Bills-Giants

The first preseason game of the year kicks off this evening.

Chris Trotman

Preseason begins tonight with the first actual living, breathing game on the schedule, one that pits the Buffalo Bills against the New York Giants.

The Bills are a team that appear to be on the rise, one with a quality defense, an interesting if unpolished young quarterback and a terrific receiving corps. The Giants, meanwhile, have Eli Manning, a nice set of receivers in their own right and a hot-and-cold defense. Not the two teams you'd choose to watch, necessarily, but it's the return of football and we shall take it.

Expect plenty of vanilla scheming, but also plenty of run for starters, which means potentially a better football game.

Here's all the information for the Hall of Fame game.

2014 Hall of Fame Game

Time: Sunday, August 3rd, 8 p.m.

Location: Fawcett Stadium, Canton, Ohio

Channel: NBC

Live Stream: NBC Sports Online

Will you be watching? Use this as your open thread, if so.