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Falcons Roster Cuts: Atlanta Trims Roster Down To 63 Players

Only a couple of surprises on the list of cuts, and the Falcons have a 63 man roster.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Atlanta Falcons delivered their first round of final cuts today, getting the roster down to 63 players ahead of the Week 1 game against the New Orleans Saints.

Here's the full list of cuts released by the team:

The Atlanta Falcons today announced that they have waived defensive end Nosa Eguae, fullback Maurice Hagens, cornerback Jordan Mabin, wide receiver Freddie Martino, safety Kimario McFadden, tight endJacob Pedersen, offensive lineman Adam Replogle, defensive tackle Donte Rumph, linebackerYawin Smallwood. The club also released linebacker Pat Angerer, offensive tackle Pat McQuistan, and running back Josh Vaughan.

Not a surprise in the bunch. We already knew about the last four names on here, plus Hagens, but the rest are UDFA types. Replogle was a conversion project along the offensive line, while Mabin has kicked around the team a little bit and may still stick on the practice squad. Ditto McFadden and possibly Pedersen.

The Falcons still have to make ten more cuts to get down to 53 by 4 p.m. tomorrow, and that's where you're likely to see any surprises the team has in store.

Look for the team to pull together a practice squad on Sunday, when teams are officially able to do so. Also note that this is far from a lock to be the final roster, because the team can scour waivers for upgrades. Given that they had the sixth-worst record in the NFL in 2013, they have a decent chance of coming up with the players they like.

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