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Report: Geraldo Boldewijn Dealing With Hamstring Injury

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We're not clear on the severity just yet.

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Short injury update, because I know many of you are following Geraldo Boldewijn's career with great interest. It appears the UDFA receiver is injured, and that means his playing status for tonight is unclear.

During an appearance on HBO's "Hard Knocks,'' general manager Thomas Dimitroff seemed to indicate the team had a decision to make between undrafted rookie receivers Geraldo Boldewijn and Bernard Reedy. Well, the decision might have been made for the Falcons as Boldewijn apparently is dealing with a hamstring injury. His playing status for Thursday remains unclear.

It's no great secret that I anticipate Bernard Reedy sticking on the final roster while Boldewijn does not, but obviously I want him to get the chance to compete and further show his value, so it would be terrible for him if he can't go. Fingers crossed.