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3 Mistakes To Watch Out For In Falcons vs. Jaguars Preseason Action

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Players can doom their faint roster hopes with major mistakes in the last game of the preseason.

Scott Cunningham

Normally, I'd be pulling five key matchups for this, but as it's the last preseason game, that effort would be doomed to failure. We're not sure how much the starters are going to play, if at all, and we don't know whether guys like Devonta Freeman who were buried with the third-stringers will come in right away or not. Thus, only the most general of matchups would make any sense.

Instead, I want to point out three mistakes you should be watching for tonight, because any one of these glaring errors could be the nail in the coffin for a player trying to make it. As several of you have pointed out, the coaching staff has likely made up their mind about the majority of the guys on this roster, but those who are right on the edge can't afford to make any of these.

Missed Blocks

This has haunted special teams and Devonta Freeman in particular all offseason, which is probably one of the reasons he hasn't climbed the official depth chart despite looking like the best runner on the team. It's pretty clear that Keith Armstrong won't hesitate to write a guy off based on a lack of effort or particularly lousy play, and when you're trying desperately to cling to a roster spot, not playing well on special teams is typically a death knell.

Fumble/Dropped Pass/Terrible Throw

Someone like Josh Vaughan needs a flawless performance to make the team, and even then it's a longshot. Jeremy Ebert is the longest of long shots and would likely need to impress to even get the coaching staff to consider keeping him at this stage. A fumble, a dropped pass or a couple of terrible throws from the likes of T.J. Yates could be the end for those guys who really have to put their best foot forward to even merit consideration.

Blown Assignments/Freelancing

This is especially critical for someone like Jacques Smith, who is going to be trying to climb out of the doghouse after throwing a punch during the Titans game. He'll need to prove he can and does listen closely to the coaches and that he can be trusted to fill his gaps and handle his coverage assignments. Hiccups are one thing, but major mistakes can be a killer here.

Sound off. Who do you think is firmly on the bubble, and what mistakes should they avoid?