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Falcons 2014 ticket prices

The Falcons aren't exactly the most popular team on the road. They also have one of the lower average ticket costs for home games this year.

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Buying a ticket to any NFL game isn't cheap. If you're going to a Falcons game, though, you're getting a better than fans for over half the league's other teams.

According to data from Vivid Seats, Atlanta ranks No. 19 overall in average ticket prices for home games. The average cost to see the Falcons play at the Georgia is $160 for 2014.

Here are the top five most expensive teams in average ticket price.

Rank Team Average Cost
1 Chicago $428
2 Seattle $405
3 San Francisco $377
4 New England $376
5 Denver $337
19 Atlanta $160

On the road, the Falcons rank towards the bottom of the league in terms of impact on home team ticket prices. On average, home team ticket prices decrease 11.9 percent when Atlanta comes to town. Only eight teams rank worse than the Falcons in that category. Jacksonville is last with a -21.5 percent impact on prices.

A few interesting stats...

  • The Falcons increased the home ticket prices of one team this season. Ticket prices for their opening matchup against the Saints in the Superdome have increased 1.5 percent to a median ticket price of $210.
  • For some reason Green Bay really hates watching Atlanta play at Lambeau Field. Median ticket prices for the Falcons-Packers game on Dec. 8 have decreased 32.9 percent.

Here are the numbers for the Falcons home game ticket prices in 2014.

Home opponent Median ticket price Avg. ticket price
Pittsburgh $192 $234
New Orleans $196 $233
Chicago $156 $195
Carolina $103 $136
Cleveland $88 $117
Arizona $80 $107
Tampa Bay $77 $100

If you're looking to go to a Falcons game this season, you might want to check out tickets when the Buccaneers come to town on Sept. 18. The Steelers, Saints and Bears all rank in the top 10 in positive impact on opponent's home game ticket prices, so the fact that those three matchups are the priciest isn't surprising.

The Falcons have one game in 2014 that ranks among the top 25 most expensive matchups. Of course, it's the one overseas.

Rank Game Date Median price
1 Broncos at Patriots 11/2 $495
2 Seahawks at 49ers 11/27 $478
3 Packers at Seahawks 9/4 $476
4 Packers at Bears 9/28 $472
5 Bears at 49ers 9/14 $445
17 Falcons vs. Lions (London) 10/26 $326

Last season the Falcons ranked No. 13 in the NFL in overall average attendance (road + home attendance). I'm guessing some fans might not be as excited to watch the team play after coming off a 4-12 season, which could explain the decrease in ticket prices on the road. I still have no idea what the Packers fans have against them.