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Falcons vs. Jaguars preseason 2014: Game Four Matters To Reserves

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The fourth game of the preseason is not for starters.

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday, we took a closer look at some key roster battles that will impact who the Falcons keep as reserves. In less than three full days, the Falcons' reserves will receive one final chance to prove they belong on the roster.

The fourth preseason game belongs to the backups, the castoffs and the roster hopefuls. Whether you're a veteran just trying to hang on to a roster spot or a rookie trying to make a name, you won't get a better opportunity than the game where starters generally play a single series, perhaps two, and then exit the game. Some of your competition has been cleared away because of the first round of roster cuts, and chances are that if you're left, you're going to get snaps against the Jacksonville Jaguars. What you do with them can, for better or worse, determine your fate.

When you watch the game on Thursday night, then, set aside your typical expectations for a game, even a preseason game. Focus purely on the players you're hopeful will make the roster and see how they fare, and spend little time and energy on the final score. This game is about the reserves for both teams, and we'll have a game where a win or loss truly matters in short order.

It's the last chance for many of these guys, and I look forward to seeing who separates from the pack. Who do you think will stand out against the Jaguars?