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Falcons Preseason Injury Report: Asamoah Not Practicing, Steven Jackson Returns

Good news, bad news, as the Earth continues to spin.

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

The Falcons got some great news from the likes of Steven Jackson and Gabe Carimi today, but Jon Asamoah did not practice. Thankfully, Jay Adams has informed me it doesn't appear to be anything major.

UPDATE: Asamoah was held out for noble enough reasons, according to the team. Nothing major, we hope.

The Asamoah news has to command our attention, but thanks to that quick clarification from Adams, we can rest a little easier. We'll wait for an official update on what he's dealing with, but apparently it seems—and hopefully is—relatively minor. Vaughn McClure notes that he was limping, so it's a question of what the injury is and how much he's limping. Again, clarification after practice should help.

Steven Jackson returning now puts him on track to be in the game September 7th, which is good news for those worried about the team's short-yardage struggles. What we don't know is whether he'll be ready for a full workload in that game, but the Falcons have suggested all along they anticipated he'd be back in action against the Saints.

Carimi returns to try to wrest the starting right tackle gig away from Lamar Holmes, but he'll need an impressive showing during practice this week and certainly during the game against Jacksonville Thursday night to have a real shot. Otherwise, he'll be a backup at guard and tackle, likely the top choice to replace Holmes if he goes down.

Shuler is competing for a roster spot and is coming back with enough time to try to push Bear Pascoe out of the backup job behind Levine Toilolo. Dezmen Southward is still fighting through what looked to be a concussion, and there's no current estimate for when he'll return to practice, much less game action.