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After getting burned on 63 yard touchdown pass, Desmond Trufant takes all the blame

Fact: Desmond Trufant doesn't suck at football

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

A learning curve is always expected with young corner backs. But based on his play last season, you might've thought Desmond Trufant was above such foolish things. After he was burned on a 63 yard touchdown pass Saturday night, you might've thought again.

To his credit, the kid took the blame, even if he could've thrown Dwight Lowery under the bus. Credit Vaughn McClure for the relevant quote.

"I'm definitely going to take the blame,'' Trufant said. "It's my responsibility. I've got to be over the top. And I can't get beat by width, either. I've just got to play better.''

It's fair to wonder if a safety should have rotated back to the middle of the field on the play. Strong safety William Moore jumped down to cover the tight end on Trufant's side, and free safety Dwight Lowery appeared to hesitate for a moment unsure whether to help underneath or drop back deep.

If you didn't see the play, Lowery clearly played a role. Trufant did lose a step on his man, but Lowery completely blew the assignment. It'd have been easy for Trufant to say something to that effect, defer some of the blame. But he didn't. He handled it like a true professional, placing the onus on himself. Respect.

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