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NFL Preseason 2014: Falcons-Titans injury report

Fact: the Falcons cheerleaders aren't members of the medical staff

Kevin C. Cox

Knock on wood, because the Falcons made it out of their 24-17 loss without any substantial injuries. In particular, no starters were injured. That's always a relief when they are playing extended minutes for the first time.

Dez Southward was banged up playing special teams. He sustained what was apparently a head injury while making a tackle. He was taken to the locker room to be treated, and Sean Baker replaced him at safety. At this point, he can undergo normal concussion protocol (assuming that's what it is) and still be ready for week 1. But that said, hard hitting Dwight Lowery probably just locked up the starting gig.

You have to feel for Mike Johnson. He was in for exactly one play before injuring his foot and earning the "return questionable" designation. Johnson is only one year removed from being the presumptive starter at right tackle. He's got to be awfully frustrated, right about now.

Tim Dobbins looked a little shaken up at one point. Remember, he was banged up following the Dolphins game too. That ankle injury kept him sidelined until just before the Texans game. You have to wonder if the ankle is still bothering him. At this point, he's teetering on "outside looking in" status, so he'd better get healthy ASAP.

Finally, Ryan Schraeder found his way to the turf for a few scary moments. The Falcons, already thin at right tackle, could ill afford an injury to Schraeder. As luck would have it, he was hurt, not injured. He was apparently poked in the eye, causing some momentary discomfort. Nothing serious and he hopped right back up.

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