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Falcons 75 Man Roster Cutdown Open Thread

It could happen at any time. Talk about the upcoming cuts here.

Kevin C. Cox

The Falcons have until Tuesday to make their first round of cuts, and when the dust settles, the team will have a 75 man roster for the fourth and final preseason game.

From there, of course, the team has less than a week to play the game and evaluate the players left in order to cut down by a further 22 to get to the final 53 man roster on August 30th, though they'll quickly be able to assemble a ten-man practice squad following that. The first round of cuts is, obviously, the easier set to make.

Because these cuts could happen at any time between now and Tuesday, I'm popping this into the layout for your discussion now. Feel free to keep using it to drive your roster conversations until we get official word from the team about these roster cuts.