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Julio Jones: Falcons Receivers are Confident

If you saw Hard Knocks this week, you probably got the sense that the Falcons' receivers are a tight-knit group. They're also feeling confident, according to Julio Jones.

Thomas B. Shea

Julio Jones spoke to the media earlier this week and shared some insight as to what things are like in the receivers' room and how the wideouts are feeling heading into Saturday's game.

Jones shared that he, Roddy White, Harry Douglas and Devin Hester are always confident, and that they're focused on staying healthy and being smart. "We aren't going to be a good unit if someone's down. So we've got to be smart. That's why when we come out to practice, we're just careful." Jones said that if one of the receivers feels any tightness or discomfort in practice they take each other's reps to keep everyone fresh and healthy.

Jones said that the receivers hope to hit the field on Saturday against the Titans and focus on working together and making plays. "We've got a whole half, so we're trying to show the world what we can do," Jones said.

In terms of the status of the foot he injured last season, Jones said that he did feel a little rusty against the Texans, but that the purpose of preseason is to shake off that rust. "The doctor said everything is 100%," Jones said, "and I've just got to believe in them and and just get my comfort back." Jones said he felt good after the game and that he didn't experience any pain in the foot after playing on Saturday.

Jones was asked if it was an adjustment to deal with getting hit in last week's preseason game, and he said, "It's football, man. I've been used to it. I've been getting hit since I was 12 years old. It's nothing new." Jones also said that the opportunity to move to the team's indoor practice facility on Wednesday because of rain gave him an opportunity to work on turf, which should help prepare him for Saturday's game as well.

Jones talked about the importance of scoring touchdowns in the red zone this season. "That's a big emphasis here," Jones said. "We have to score in the red zone, man. That's--we have too many weapons to get covered up in the red zone. We've got to make those plays, especially when we get one on one, because we've got to make Matt feel comfortable."

Jones also provided some insight to his own competitive nature. When asked which bowling score was his in the scene that was featured on the last episode of Hard Knocks, Jones was quick to point out that his score was 189, making him the winner in that game. Jones also said that the 189 was below his standards. "As a bowler, like myself, it'll take a couple of games to warm up." Because the players were in training camp at the time that segment was filmed, they didn't have the time to devote to more than one game.

What do you hope to see from the receivers against the Titans on Saturday?