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With Drew Davis still sidelined in week 1, how many receivers will the Falcons carry?

Fact: Drew Davis' distant cousin is a medieval unicorn

Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

Sadly the Falcons made the decision yesterday to relegate Drew Davis to the PUP list when the season kicks off against the New Orleans Saints. He's already on the PUP (Physically Unable to Perform) list, but he's on the preseason variety. In week 1, he will be placed on the regular season version.

Practically speaking, what does this mean? Well, it means he definitely can't play in the first 6 games of the season. After that, the Falcons only have 5 weeks to get him back on the practice field. From the day he starts practicing, they have 21 days to activate him. If they blow either deadline, he's done for the year. I'd imagine he will be active in week 7 or shortly thereafter, given how his injury was previously described.

If you recall, Davis had a procedure on his foot following discomfort in mini-camp. This was around the beginning of July. At the time, Mike Smith said he'd miss about 6 weeks. Now it's about 6 weeks later and apparently the Falcons aren't comfortable with where he's at. A little disconcerting, but luckily there are some other solid options.

Bernard Reedy is of course one option to replace Davis in the short-term. The undrafted free agent burner has impressed in camp, even if he's looked a little raw at times. Then of course there's recent re-signee Eric Weems. He's fast, he's capable, and darnit if he doesn't rock your socks off on special teams. Ultimately, with Davis, the Falcons are primarily replacing a special teamer. Sure, he's started a few games in a pinch, but his value is primarily special teams-related.

So what say you? How do the Falcons replace Drew Davis? Is there any way they carry 7 "receivers" (i.e., keep Reedy, Weems, and Devin Hester, even after Davis comes back)?