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Mike Smith: Kroy Biermann and Julio Jones to return to normal practice schedule

Fact: Julio Jones' hands are considered weapons of mass destruction under Federal law

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Practice? We talking about practice?! Yes. Yes we are.

Julio Jones and Kroy Biermann have been limited throughout training camp. They've been on a one day on, one day off schedule. But we knew that'd come to an end sooner or later, and according to Vaughn McClure, that time is now.

It was his scheduled day off after a day on, but coach Mike Smith said both Jones and outside linebacker Kroy Biermann are set to return to a normal practice routine after being limited throughout training camp.

"We're going to start increasing all of these guys as we get closer to the opening game of the regular season; the Saints game," Smith said. "It's important for us to have all of our guys ready to go that are going to play and have to go out and play 60 snaps. That's not possible if you're not practicing every day."

This is one situation where you may need to just trust the coaching and training staffs. They've closely monitored these guys, and they must have some sense of what Jones and Biermann can reasonably handle. And even if they practice every day, Jones and Biermann can still be closely monitored. If their situation changes, and some scaling back is necessary, that's always a possibility.

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