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Claude Humphrey Hall Of Fame: The Falcon Of The 2014 Class

The great Claude Humphrey will be inducted into the Hall of Fame today.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The immortal Claude Humphrey will be inducted into the Hall of Fame today, making him the second Falcon to achieve such an honor, and the one who played the most seasons in red and black.

Our own Jason Kirk had a great write-up on Humphrey, which you should be sure to read. Suffice to say he was one of the most feared sack artists of his time, a time when that wasn't an officially recorded stat, and a damn fine actor to boot. In ten seasons with the team, Humphrey proved one of the great defensive ends ever to play the game, and a deserving choice for the Hall.

Seriously, watch the highlights to see the man in action. You see someone who looks almost too big and too powerful for his era, something borne out by a fact like this.

While I don't know if this will open the floodgate for other deserving Falcons like Mike Kenn, Jeff Van Note and Tommy Nobis, I hope so. All respect and congratulations to Claude Humphrey.