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Report: Practice Squad May Increase From 8 to 10 Players

Good news for the Falcons and all NFL teams who like to stash a little extra talent.

Kevin C. Cox

Per Adam Schefter, the NFL may implement a new 10 man practice squad this fall, up from the 8 person squad that has become the norm. This is obviously good news for fringe players and teams who like to have additional depth just a call-up away.

This gives the Falcons the freedom to hold on to a couple more players they may like but otherwise wouldn't have room for, or to stock young players at positions of need. The team's offensive line and linebacking corps could probably use all the depth they can possibly get, and with Dwight Lowery a real question mark heading into the season, the freedom to keep another safety would be welcome, as well.

Here's my best guess at a practice squad at the moment. Check back Thursday to see the full 53 man roster that informs this squad, but be sure to share yours in the comments, as well.

James Stone
Terren Jones
QB Sean Renfree
LB Tyler Starr
LB Yawin Smallwood
CB Jordan Mabin
TE Jacob Pedersen
S Kimario McFadden
G Adam Replogle
QB Sean Renfree