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Introducing Jake Bennett To The Falcoholic

I usually write about people that play professional football.


Editor's Note: Look for Jake Bennett to tackle the familiar One Falcon to Watch series and a lot more news and analysis in the weeks and months ahead. Please welcome him warmly.

Hello, fellow Falcoholics!  My name is Jake Bennett, and I'm one of the last surviving Falcons fans in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

As I begin my Falcoholic career this month, I'll also be starting my first year of college at Chattanooga State next week. Yeah, I'm a youngster.

For the past year, I've been writing for the good folks down at Blogging Dirty, but am now excited to come to a network with many passionate writers and readers such as yourselves.

I've been a Falcons fan my entire life, but my extreme fanhood wasn't sparked until a week one overtime loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2010.  It's an odd game to make such an impact, but I'm not one to question the Football Gods.

I've attended my fair share of games, and usually make it to at least one game a year.  My first game ever was a 2001 match-up against the New England Patriots, a game in which fans of the opposition spilled beer all over my jersey, and the Falcons were completely dismantled.  Ah, brings back memories.

Not all memories have been bad though.  I was lucky enough to witness the playoff game against the Seahawks in person, and that will stick with me forever.  I've also met most of the current players, excluding Roddy White.  I'll meet you one day, Roddy.

I can't wait to start this season with you guys.  This truly feels like a different Falcons squad from what we've seen the last few years.

As always, Rise Up and Go Vols!