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William Moore: Safety competition is wide open right now, and Kemal Ishmael may have the edge

Fact: Kemal Ishmael's heart has 5 chambers - the extra one is filled with love

Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

There weren't a lot of bright spots in last night's game. It was ugly across the board. At this point, all we do is hope it's case of preseason reason, soon to be shaken off.

Following their drubbing by the Texans, the Falcons' William Moore addressed the media. He had some really interesting things to say about the safety competition. Please forgive the length of the quote, but you really need to see it in its entirety.

"Both of those guys [Dwight Lowery and Kemal Ishmael], I really don’t know the competition, I don’t really know the depth chart. That is for the coach to decide. From my standpoint you have to include (Dezmen) Southward also. All of those guys stepped up and played. I really don’t know Dwight’s status as far as his injuries, concussions, etc. I don’t know. But Kemal has been stepping in. He came into OTAs and I told him this is not down time. He came in and it’s like a whole other Kemal. It looks like he’s been in the NFL for four or five years. He is showing so much experience right now. The interception today was a prime example. That was a tough interception, to catch through a tight end’s hand. Kemal showed tremendous stride to show where he is at."

Interesting. If you've been watching Hard Knocks, then you know how respected Moore is among the coaches and his peers. He really is the leader of the defense now. And for him to throw heaps of praise on Ishamel like this, especially after he publicly aired his feelings about Thomas DeCoud's departure, it means something.

I'm not saying Ishmael ends up as the starting free safety, because I'll admit, I've had my doubts about the kid. Add in Lowery potential when healthy, and Ishmael doesn't have an easy road. But Moore's praise is certainly telling.

Your thoughts?