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Welcome ProjectJax To The Falcoholic!

Quick intro for new contributor Kendall Jackson.

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Editor's Note: ProjectJax is one of two new writers joining The Falcoholic staff this week, with our other introduction coming tomorrow. Expect to see him handling post-game recaps and providing his newsroom experience to our Falcons coverage. Please welcome him warmly.

Hello, Falcoholics.

It is with great pleasure that I introduce myself to you all as the newest contributor to The Falcoholic.

I currently live in Savannah, Georgia - my birthplace. I graduated from a local college back in 2011 and I'm employed at the newspaper here.

Full disclosure: I didn't grow up liking the Falcons. In fact, I didn't grow up liking football, although I did have a copy of NFL '95 on my Sega Genesis that I played to no end. I became particularly interested in football in 2003 after I bought a cheap copy of Madden NFL 2003 from GameStop.

It was only natural I choose the Falcons as my favorite team since they're Georgia's team, although Jacksonville is just two hours away. (I definitely just shuddered at the thought of being a Jaguars fan.)

I have a couple of Falcons blogs - one I started back in March of 2012 and another I started for work in May of this year. I can never get enough of writing about this team.

Unfortunately, I've only been to one Falcons game: The matchup against the Arizona Cardinals in 2010. Well, two games if you count the preseason finale against the Jaguars in 2012. Being a four-hour trip away, it's a little difficult to get up to Atlanta, but I'm planning to attend a couple of games this year.

While I'm undoubtedly a bit biased for the Falcons, I try to keep my writing as objective as possible.

I'm extremely excited to contribute here and interact with you all. I love talking football, and I always enjoy when someone provides a fresh, unique perspective.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate ask in the comment section or on Twitter.

Here's to a great season, and don't forget to Rise Up, Falcoholics!