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Jake Matthews Ready To Step In At Left Tackle, If Called Upon

After Sam Baker's injury, he may well get the call.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Rookie tackle Jake Matthews doesn't lack for confidence, and if the team wants to move him, he says he's ready to take on a role at left tackle.

The Falcons won't tip their hand so early, but it seems like Matthews at left tackle is a real possibility. He must know that, and thus he's comfortable telling McClure he's ready. There's little doubt the Falcons drafted him to be the left tackle of the future, so in my humble opinion there's little sense in pushing that future off.

"I'll do it," Matthews told of moving to left tackle. "That's what they drafted me for: to come here and play wherever. And something I take a lot of pride in is my versatility and being able to play on either side. If they ask me to move over, I'll be happy to do it."

I'd give Matthews first team reps there in the third game of the preseason and see how he holds up, while rotating some of your right tackle candidates. If you really see something that makes you uncomfortable, perhaps a signing should happen, but it's not like Matthews will be learning the left for the first time. He spent time there at Texas A&M and excelled, after all.

Your thoughts on Matthews at left tackle?