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Falcons vs. Texans: A Sad, Sad Tweet Recap

The Falcoholic's tweet recaps were initially born of the angst and sadness of the 2013 season. We reflect on those difficult beginnings with this week's tweet recap.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Last night's game was generally terrible. The team looked lackluster and unprepared in all phases of the game. It didn't start terribly, though. Julio Jones was playing and hopes were high.

Julio was slow to get up after his second reception, though, and I was fully on board with Jason Kirk's idea.

Paul Worrilow was another bright spot in an otherwise rough game for the defense. Worrilow led the team in tackles and looked solid in coverage.

And Antone Smith, as he tends to do, looked impressive early.

Antone, however, didn't hold up well against Jadeveon Clowney.

He wasn't the only one.

Ryan Fitzpatrick made the defense look foolish. Ryan Fitzpatrick did that.

It didn't take long for the stress and strain of last season to influence fans' and analysts' thoughts on what was unfolding on the field.

There were some encouraging things that happened throughout the game, though.

This is always, always good advice.

Dave spent some time last night writing Jonathan Asamoah fan fiction.

The ugliest thing about last night's game had to be the number of penalties.

Warren Sapp really needs to settle down.

Bless this guy's heart.

Speaking of blessing someone's heart, T.J. Yates had a particularly difficult game.

Have I emphasized that this game was terrible? I don't want to undersell that point.

It's hard to find comfort in any aspect of last night's performance, but we can try.

This is absolutely true.