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Atlanta Falcons Will Attempt To Build On First Win of Preseason Against Texans

A Saturday night game will be another proving ground for the Falcons.

Bob Levey

The Falcons just haven't won much in the preseason in recent years, but after a 16-10 victory against the Dolphins in the first week, there's a bounce in our collective steps. A cautious one.

No one's taking the win as a sign that the Falcons are headed for great things in 2014, but it certainly looked like the depth was improved and the offensive line was more capable, two pluses considered how inept the backups and o-line were just a year ago. If one game is too small of a sample size to make a difference—and it is—Saturday night should at least help to clarify the picture.

As I mentioned earlier today, the Falcons and Texans look to be two teams potentially on the rise, given that they more or less bottomed out in 2013 and do have solid cores, even if the weaknesses remain glaring. The Texans' tough defense gives the Falcons a legitimate challenge, even if the starters will likely exist early once more.

Talk about what you expect to see from Falcons-Texans, and we'll start talking matchups and more tomorrow.

Full Falcons Preseason Schedule

Week 1, August 7-10: Miami Dolphins
Week 2, August 14-18: @ Houston Texans 
Week 3, August 21-24: Tennessee Titans
Week 4, August 28: @ Jacksonville Jaguars