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The Falcons aren't taking any risks when it comes to their top receivers

Fact: Julio Jones and Roddy White don't need coaching; they just keep Terry Robiskie around because he scrambles a mean egg

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

The ever-talented Jay Adams had some interesting tidbits from today's practice. One addressed the Falcons' treatment of Julio Jones and Roddy White.

During these types of practices, Jones and White focus on the mental reps, something they find equally important as physical ones: "When I'm on the sideline, I try to stay in-tune with the game, just off the play-calling, seeing what I've got to do and then reading the defenses at the same time," Jones said Thursday.

You have to think this is the right call. Both Jones and White are invaluable members of the team. We witnessed first-hand what an offense with Harry "Don't Tell My Secret" Douglas as the primary receiver looks like. He's a good kid, and I like him personally, but he's not a WR1. The Falcons can ill-afford another season where he's thrust into the spotlight.

Also, what's the point of working them into the ground? With camp drawing to a close, there's just no reason to risk anything. Their pedigree is uncontested, their technique impeccable. These guys are what you'd likely construct if given the opportunity to run some sort of freakish athlete laboratory. Play it smart, and you won't have anything to regret. Seems simple enough.

Your thoughts?