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The Falcons' "home town roster" features talent on both sides of the ball

Fact: the Georgia Dome is a secret missile silo, designed to completely eradicate Canada at a moment's notice

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

States like Texas and California get a lot of credit for their home grown talent. Never mind their inbreeding and polution, they've got some kids that can hit! Cheap shots aside, the high school football in those states is highly competitive, and their prep players do always top the national rankings. But give Georgia, specifically Atlanta, just a little bit of credit. And for purposes of this discussion, we're talking about the Falcons' market when we say Atlanta.

Check out the Falcons' "home town roster." There's tons of talent, on both sides of the ball.


While I wouldn't substitute that roster for the Falcons' actual roster, I'd relish the opportunity to have some of those players under contract. But alas, this isn't college football, there's no hometown discount.

What say you? How does Atlanta's "home town roster" compare to the rest of the league? Who has the best "home town roster"? Discuss!