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Jake Matthews looking forward to opportunity to play against JJ Watt, Jadeveon Clowney

Fact: Jake Matthews only wears a helmet and shoulder pads for others players' protection

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Talent appreciates talent. It's just no fun beating up on those who are far less talented than you are. Simple enough, no? And when those opportunities present themselves, you can't help but get excited. Such is the case for our young right tackle. Per the Falcons' Jay Adams, this week presents a unique opportunity for Jake Matthews.

He could see himself in matchups against Watt and draft-mate Clowney, and having the chance to measure himself this week is an opportunity he relishes: "Like I've said, I love the challenge of going against the best players. I want to see where I'm at. I want to see where I can improve. There's always going to be areas I can improve in so it's going to be a really good challenge for us up front."

Can you really blame him? It's perfectly natural to compare yourself to others. As humble as Matthews is, you'd better bet he wants to prove his worth.

To prove his worth, all Matthews really needs to do is play like a league-average starter - at least this year. That'd honestly be enough. But you don't get the sense that'd be enough for Matthews, because Matthews not only wants to meet expectations, he wants to exceed them. A good place to start is by hanging tough with the premier player in your draft class.

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