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Introducing The Falcoholic's New Moderator

Give it up for illusiveflaw!

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We've got a couple of additions to The Falcoholic staff this month, and we're announcing the first one today. Please welcome illusiveflaw as our new moderator!

As the site has grown, it's become increasingly clear to me and our team of editors that we could use a dedicated moderator to handle disputes, ensure site rules are being enforced and most importantly, be more detached from the attachments we've built up over the years with all you lovable scamps. To that end, illusiveflaw is coming on because he has, in our opinions, shown he's a level-headed, fair member of this site who will be able to do the job capably. The editors and I will continue to hold that power in emergencies, but we're going to cede a lot of the day-to-day work to him.

Please take a moment to review the site rules today. They're fairly simple.

Here's more about illusiveflaw:

My name is Zack and I'm currently a nationally registered Emergency Medical Technician, though I'm hoping to be licensed and employed in the very near future. Before December of 2011, the most experience I'd had as a sports fan was to once a year get together with my family and cheer on Georgia Tech against UGA. As I'm sure many of you will happily point out, that didn't go well for me much of the time, but I'm proud to say I stuck it out and never wavered in my support of the underdog. That being said, I also struggled to really expand on my support of the football team. While close family members have graduated from Georgia Tech, I've only even been on the campus a couple of times, and briefly at that, so when I decided I liked the game of football enough to try to really get into it, I had a hard time truly investing in Georgia Tech.

Being a a metro-Atlanta native, this naturally lead me to check out the Falcons. The first game I watched from beginning to end was a loss to none other than the T.J. Yates-led Houston Texans. But I remember hearing a lot about the Falcons, about Michael Turner going from backup in San Diego to superstar in Atlanta and Matt Ryan having one of the greatest rookie seasons of all time, and Mike Smith coming out of nowhere to win the Coach of the Year award. It was and is an easy team to love. More than that, though- as I'd learn a few weeks later watching a playoff game in New Jersey that I'm sure none of you will forget- it was a team I could respect and be proud of even when they lose.

As for being a fan of football: to me, it's about unbridled passion without remorse. You put your heart out there on the field with your team and watch the war. It's addicting, it's awesome, and I'm hooked for life.

I guess the only other thing to say is, that with me, while choating may be
Such a card, this guy. Please give him a warm welcome into his new role.