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Announcer for a day: calling the Falcons' championship winning drive

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Fact: when Tony Gonzalez cries, the hole in the ozone layer doubles in size


The 2012 season ended in disappointing fashion. In fact, I'm quite sure there wasn't a dry eye among the Falcons' faithful. That's to be expected when you come just 10 yards shy of a Super Bowl birth. But, for what it's worth, there does seem to be a consensus that Matt Ryan will, before his retirement, take the Falcons to the promised land.

Granted, when Ryan does win the Lombardi for the Falcons, it could happen in decisive fashion. The Falcons could absolutely demolish their opponent, leaving no doubt about their supremacy. But how cool would it be if that weren't the case? Bear with me here.

Imagine a scenario where the Falcons are down by 6, and as he's apt to do, Ryan has the offense marching. They're clicking on all cylinders, looking like they could go all the way. He's running an absolutely brilliant 2 minute drill, and then, with only seconds left in the game, the Falcons score and seal their victory. Oh man. I get chills just thinking about it.

So those are the broad strokes. But from you, I want the details. 2 minute drill. Falcons down by six. Give me the play by play. What are the dramatic moments? Who scores the winning touchdown? How? Go!