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Will Any Atlanta Falcons Make The NFL Top 100 List In 2015?

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The team struck out in 2014.

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

The Top 100 list has been a bit of a hot topic of late, given the fact that there are no Atlanta Falcons on it. Matt Ryan went from the #17 overall player heading into the 2013 season to off the list in 2014, which seems utterly ridiculous to me. I'm not trying to reignite that particular argument, though, because we already have 400-plus comments rolling there.

Instead, I'd like to look ahead to the 2015 list. Knowing that the player votes hinge on a variety of factors, including league-wide respect, performance and your team's record, do you imagine there will be one or more Falcons on the 2015 list? Will the Falcons win enough games to garner consideration for players like Matt Ryan, Roddy White and Desmond Trufant? Will Julio Jones light the world on fire and wind up in the top 50?

If I had to guess, by the way, I'd say the Falcons come out of 2014 with three players on the list: Ryan, Trufant and Jones. Jake Matthews may be a fixture there sooner rather than later, but I doubt it comes after his rookie season.

What say you?