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Falcons Attend Workout For 366-Pound Supplemental Draft Player

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The Atlanta Falcons are checking out a massive defensive lineman that declared for the 2014 supplemental draft.

The Falcons are considering drafting a prospect who is the combined weight of these two men. (h/t @SteveInBrooklyn)
The Falcons are considering drafting a prospect who is the combined weight of these two men. (h/t @SteveInBrooklyn)

I would compare the supplemental draft to scrounging through the bargain bin full of damaged goods, hoping you will get a steal. There are usually a few small name players that have gotten suspended, kicked off their team or ruled academically ineligible for the next season and decided to jump to the NFL early.

The Falcons have a long history of ignoring the supplemental draft. The supplemental draft also has a pretty long history of players not amounting to much. In the past ten years, former tackle Jared Gaither would probably be considered the biggest success, and his story did not end particularly well.

However, the Falcons attended a workout for Virginia University of Lynchburg defensive lineman Lakendrick Ross, according to Pro Football Talk. Ross has ridiculous size, reportedly measuring in at  6-foot-4 and 366 pounds.

Want to see a big man run?

According to WVEC in Virginia, as a child Ross bounced around to ten different foster homes after his mother died. After picking up football in his senior year of high school, the raw prospect enters the supplemental draft having dealt with prior academic issues.

Academics sidelined him from being pursued from Virginia Tech. Instead, his journey led him to Division III Virginia University of Lynchburg.

His agent told PFT the following.

Ross played just the 2012 season of college football at Virginia-Lynchburg before being ruled ineligible for 2013, his agent told PFT.

I know what you are wondering. Can a 366-pound guy dunk?

Ross, if drafted or signed as a free agent by Atlanta, would be nose tackle depth but would more than likely be a developmental player for some time. At the very least he could be health insurance for big body Paul Soliai.

It is not clear why Ross has entered the supplemental draft. The Falcons, if they selected Ross, would give up a pick in the 2015 draft to pick up Ross on Friday's supplemental draft. They would also have the option of signing him if he goes undrafted.