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The Next Atlanta Falcons Practice Squad Surprise

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Who will be the next practice squad player to make an impact?

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

The Atlanta Falcons have plucked a few useful players off their practice squad in recent years. There was Brent Grimes, one of the league's best cornerbacks. Ryan Schraeder made it. Heck, the Falcons poached Harvey Dahl off of San Francisco's practice squad back in 2007, and he turned out okay.

Knowing that the Falcons can and do find the occasional gem off the practice squad, who is the next useful player to emerge from the eight man unit? Given the likely dearth of wide receiver depth after Harry Douglas, I think Bernard Reedy has a real shot to turn into a useful player as soon as 2014, though it's much more likely he'll get a season's worth of seasoning on the squad and make a bid for a roster spot in 2015. The Falcons could use a home run threat, and with work on his route running, it's possible Reedy could become that.

What's your best guess?