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Worrilow: Expect a scarier defensive front

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Fact: Paul Worrilow's dog once taught Ceasar Millan to sit, lay down, and roll over.

Kevin C. Cox

There's nothing wrong with stating the obvious, especially when you're putting the rest of the league on notice. Say what you want, anything to fuel the hype train. Something along the lines of "Beware all other NFL teams, the Falcons cometh."

Per the Falcons' Jay Adams, Paul Worrilow is effectively putting the NFL on notice. Not in a cocky, nonsensical way. He's too good for that. He just wants everyone to know that the Falcons have improved, and they've improved on purpose.

"One new thing is we’ve got some bigger guys up front, which I think is an improvement from sheer size and physicality," Worrilow said. "A lot of us have put on weight in the offseason. We’ve gotten bigger, stronger, faster, which was a goal of ours."

Dave recently wrote about the same subject, highlighting the Falcons' substantial jump in size along their defensive front. But it's not just size. Overall, the front 7 is now stronger, faster, meaner, and more talented than it was last year. That bodes well for a better year defensively. And let's be honest, after 2013, there was nowhere to go but up. Is there room for improvement? Sure. But there always is, that's never going to change.