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What Will Be The Best Game Of The 2014 Falcons Season?

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Looking ahead to the schedule as we weather the dregs of the offseason.

Scott Cunningham

Looking at this schedule, there are several games that have the chance to be excellent contests, so long as the Falcons are healthy and improved in 2014. As we build up to our staff schedule breakdown, I thought I'd check in with all of you to see what game you have circled on your calendar.

For the purposes of our discussion here today, this doesn't have to be the game you'll enjoy seeing the most, but the one you believe will be the best-played game of the 2014 season. I fully anticipate that the first week's game against the Saints will be a great one, plus a fantastic opportunity to see what the new-look defense is capable of.

Select yours, give us your reasoning and let's think about the season, which is just a couple of short months away. Finally.