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Who Is Your Favorite Atlanta Falcon?

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All-time favorites for The Falcoholic's readers.

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

The holiday weekend rolls on, and we bring you discussion. Because we've been talking Falcons history quite a bit over the last month, and because I've got a Hall of Fame post coming up on Monday, this seemed like an apt time to re-visit a fun discussion.

Who is your favorite Atlanta Falcon, and why?

My favorite player has always been Jessie Tuggle. When you're a young football fan, the players who combine maximum effort with huge hits tend to stand out on defense, and I always loved watching The Hammer play. The fact that he was one of the team's all-time greats and that he was playing during my formative years as a fan probably have a lot to do with my lifelong appreciation for the guy. I suspect quite a few of you will reach back to the early days of your fandom for your favorite, as well.

Share yours, if you would.