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Should any Falcons have been on NFL Network's Top 100?

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Is this the kind of thing that can make or break a season? I could barely get through that sentence without laughing.

Scott Cunningham

There are still ten players left to go on NFL Network's Top 100 list, and not a single Falcon has been listed in the first 90 players. Might as well tank the season, kids. If the Falcons don't have a single player worthy of Top 100 designation by their their peers, what is even the point?

Let's not forget that this is the list that left wide receiver tight end Jimmy Graham off the list entirely last season. Regardless of your personal feelings about the Saints, it's difficult to deny that Graham is currently the best player in the league at his position. This is also the list that had Aaron Rodgers, arguably the best quarterback in the game today, ranked outside of the top ten this year. Take these rankings with a whole shaker of salt. There are players all around the league who should have been ranked higher or lower, or should have been included or excluded because this list, quite frankly, is stupid. Yeah, I said it. It's totally subjective and meaningless.

A case can sincerely be made for the inclusion of Matt Ryan, Julio Jones, Roddy White, and Desmond Trufant on any Top 100 players list, and the reason these players are excluded from this particular list is purely because the team wasn't good last season. Ryan finished the season with the fourth-most passing yards in the league with a terrible offensive line, zero rushing support, and Harry Douglas as his leading receiver. Jones, prior to injury, was leading all receivers in receiving yards, demonstrating that he is one of the top receiving threats in the league today. White's overall career and continued production when healthy justifies inclusion. Trufant put together an impressive rookie season despite the defense's overall poor performance, and has the potential to develop into one of the better corners in the league.

For what it's worth, Falcons did make it onto other top 100 lists. Pete Prisco from, who factored in discussions with GMs and player personnel staff around the league when creating his list, has Jones ranked 15th and Ryan ranked 55th. Trufant is listed at 93. CBS Sports' Pat Kirwan has Jones listed at 25, Matt Ryan at 47, and Roddy White at 48.

What Falcons would you rank in the top 100, and where would you rank them?