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The All-Atlanta Falcons Starting Lineup

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Putting (arguably) the best players in franchise history on the same team at the same time.

Kevin C. Cox

I've been enjoying dipping into the reader suggestion thread for article ideas, and this one from mrnikkoli definitely caught my attention. Basically, he requested an all-time Falcons roster, position-by-position.

Jason Kirk did the extremely popular and awesome Scale of Falconliness a few years back, and that remains the definitive look at some of the best players in franchise history. You can find the whole thing in this search, after scrolling by the three or four most recent results.

So this isn't an effort to duplicate that great work, merely to give you my best effort at an all-time roster for these Falcons. Once you've read mine, presented without explanation to avoid clouding the discussion too much, share yours with the rest of the class. Please note that I'm slightly stretching the bounds of the roster to include two defensive tackles and two middle linebackers, as well as a third receiver.

QB Matt Ryan
RB William Andrews
FB Cannonball Butler
WR Roddy White
WR Terance Mathis
WR Andre Rison
TE Tony Gonzalez
LT Mike Kenn
LG Justin Blalock
C Jeff Van Note
RG Bill Fralic
RT Tyson Clabo

DE John Abraham
DE Claude Humphrey
DT Travis Hall
DT Jonathan Babineaux
OLB Keith Brooking
MLB Tommy Nobis
MLB Jessie Tuggle
OLB Greg Brezina
CB Deion Sanders
CB Rolland Lawrence
S Scott Case
S Tom Pridemore

K Morten Andersen
P John James
KR/PR Deion Sanders/Allen Rossum

Notable Snubs: QB Steve Bartkowski, QB Michael Vick, RB Michael Turner, RB Jamal Anderson, RB Gerald Riggs, FB Bob Christian, WR Alfred Jenkins, TE Jim Mitchell, TE Alge Crumpler, LT Bob Whitfield, C Todd McClure, RG R.C. Thielemann, DE Patrick Kerney, DE Chuck Smith, DE John Zook, DT Rod Coleman, LB Fulton Kuykendall, LB John Rade, LB Buddy Curry, CB Bobby Butler, CB Ray Buchanan, CB Brent Grimes, S William Moore, K Mick Luckhurst