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Key Roster Cut Dates For The Atlanta Falcons

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The team must do a lot of evaluating in a compressed timeframe, as always.

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Every year around this time, fans start asking when the team has to make cuts. That's a great and fair question, because evaluation has begun in earnest and we know this team needs to shed nearly 40 players off its active roster by the time September rolls around.

It's fair to anticipate a smattering of cuts and signings along the way, but the Falcons have a little less than a month before the first league-mandated round of axing. Here's the schedule.

August 26th - Mandatory cutdown to 75 players, following the third preseason game
August 30th - Mandatory cutdown to 53 players, following the fourth preseason game
August 31st - Teams can begin establishing practice squads

On one hand, I get the wisdom of having the cuts come after the third and fourth games, because it gives the staff more time to evaluate players. On the other hand, you need to trim 37 players off your roster in the span of five days, which has always seemed somewhat ridiculous to me. Thankfully, the Falcons will have had ample opportunity to watch these guys practice and play in games, which will help decide position battles and certainly take care of the battle for roster spots.

Check below to find today's live blog/embedded Twitter feed from The Falcoholic and talk roster cuts with us.