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Mike Smith: Malliciah Goodman to be jack-of-all-trades for the Falcons

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Kroy Biermann isn't a Pro Bowler, but he's consistently filled a role. In fact, he's filled multiple roles. And let's be honest, that's valuable. One could even argue that it's something the Falcons look for - guys they can cross-train and use in different capacities. Malliciah Goodman is one such guy.

The Falcons have their first padded practice tomorrow, and as Vaughn McClure so eloquently argues here, you'd be an absolute fool to sleep on Malliciah Goodman.

"Malliciah, I think, is going to be a guy that can play a number of our packages and play different roles," coach Mike Smith said. "I think that Malliciah will play in our base package, he'll have a certain role. In our big sub-package, he'll have another role. In our sub-package, he'll have another role. So I think those are good questions that we have to answer because he can line up in many different places.

Goodman took a lot of flack coming out of college. Sure, he's got enormous hands and arms longer than Dave's rap sheet. And sure, he was the Falcons' only 3 down DE in 2013. But for whatever reason, he flies under the radar. For now.

Goodman has ideal size (it sounds like he gained about 15 pounds in the off-season) to fill various roles in Mike Nolan's new and improved defense. He won't lead the team in defensive snaps, but he's going to be towards the top. The Falcons will find a way to keep him on the field in 2014, and that has to count for something.

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