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Training Camp, Day 3: Did Someone Say... Tweetcap?

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Day three of camp is highlighted by some impressive rookie play and Dave taking his covered wagon and oxen from Flowery Branch back to New Hampshire. Expect his next article in February.

Gabe Carimi is excited to be a Falcon.
Gabe Carimi is excited to be a Falcon.
Kevin Liles-USA TODAY Sports

Always awesome. Let's see how long this lasts...

Oh, that's right. It is ridiculously hot in Georgia around the end of July.

Never lose at Tuesday night trivia again!

Worrilow looked very good on Friday. He could very well take a very good step forward.

Having not the worst return game would be a nice improvement.

Just about everyone seems very impressed with our rookie running back.

Getting Peters back early would be a huge get. He was one of the few brighter spots on the defense last year before going down with an achilles injury.

Nothing to see here.

Have yet to see anything negative about our rookie tackle. He has looked angry. Like.. I dunno, this?

Watch that the one the whole way through.

No setbacks is music to my ears.

Yes! Exactly how I was hoping Shembo would be used. Shembo could be used to disrupt Drew Brees, who lives at the top of the pocket.

He may need to earn playing time with the 1s.

Sounds like Hester has played well at wide receiver. He seems to be locked in at the #4 wide receiver spot.

If he can stay healthy, Lowery will be a massive upgrade over last season.

I'm pretty excited about this guy's versatility.

We have a fullback?

Dropped this one in as UDFA OLB Smith is on The Oracle's Vaughn McClure's final 53 prediction.

Anyone else you are interested in hearing about? I am pretty sure Roddy White and Matt Ryan look good in camp, so who else?