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What Should The Falcons Do With The Rest Of Their Cap Space?

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Given the limited options available, what should the Falcons spend their money on?

Depending on the structure of Roddy White's contract—and if that's known by the time you read this, forgive me, I've been on the road—the Falcons could still have several million in cap space left. They have a few options in terms of how to use that space. 

  1. Leave it mostly untouched and roll it into the 2014 season, using it to make signings as needed, and then roll the leftover into 2015.
  2. Chase a couple of veterans cut from other teams.
  3. Give more players extensions, given that they have a ton of free agents next season.
  4. Swing a crazy trade and use most of the cap space on said trade target.
We can basically rule out #4 and #1 seems like the most likely outcome, but I do think a Julio extension could be in the offing.
I'll turn it over to you. What do you think the Falcons should do with their cap space?