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Day Two of Training Camp: A Tweet Recap

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Fact: wait, this isn't my thing...

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

After a first day with a surprising cut, early fisticuffs and general football-related happiness, the Falcons returned to the field for the second day of training camp, under a hot Georgia sun.

After the surprising cut (retirement?) of Darius Johnson yesterday, the Falcons signed a future hall-of-famer to replace him on the roster.

Wait, who? Moving along...

In what will hopefully become a new training camp tradition, the players lined up for the first ever "Falcon Walk."

For those Falcons fans concerned about where our pass rush is going to come from, don't sleep on Osi. He's shown up at camp in amazing shape.

For those wondering about what our defense will look like, though it's too soon to declare any firm starters, I'd imagine this is a look we'll be seeing a good bit:

Meanwhile, one of our rookies looks like the real deal, though it is still early:

And lest we forget, this year's hype-magnet continues to draw attention. Let's hope it shows when the games come around:

Saints have Jimmy Graham. We have the Bartu.

And for Heaven's sakes, someone get Jeanna a step-ladder, PRONTO

And with that, I leave you to discuss! Get to it, folks.