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Quick Training Camp Observations

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The Falcons opened up training camp to the public on Friday, and some of your dedicated staff was about an hour late. What did they see in that hour?

Matt Ryan gettin' loose!
Matt Ryan gettin' loose!
Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

While Dave and Jeanna were in the VIP section of training camp, I heroically baked on the hill to get some camp observations at Flowery Branch while they ignored my messages.

What did I see? Other than Dave and Jeanna laughing at my plight?

The Good

Julio Jones looked very good. He did not seem to be entirely full speed but even taking it slowly Jones looked dominant. His size and speed is just something else. Jones made some spectacular catches and did some pretty good cutting on his problematic foot.

Jonathan Massaquoi had a few nice plays blowing around the left tackle. A lot this season will be relying on him taking the next step and turning into a quality pass rusher but he showed some really nice speed. There will not be anything to hold back Massaquoi if he can improve over 2013.

Everyone loves Paul Worrilow. People on twitter. People at camp. Worrilow continued on his performance last year and was a playmaker at camp. He looked nice in some limited coverage and is looking like he may be ready to take a step forward.

The Devonta Freeman hype should grow. He had great speed and was making plays whenever he got the ball. Freeman is easily gifted enough to push for reps starting at day one.

The Not Nearly As Good

As expected, our tight ends are very bad not good. No one was expecting to rely on the tight ends to do much this year, probably because they aren't very good. There were a lot of slow men dropping footballs yesterday. Not that anyone expected Bear Pascoe to turn into Jimmy Graham, but there is not a lot of hope for development from this group.

Robert McClain followed up a great 2012 with a bad 2013 at the nickel position. How did he look at the first day at camp? McClain seemed to be a few steps off and gave up a number of completions to wide receivers who will not make the roster.

The Interesting

The defensive line is gigantic. I saw a lot of 4-3 looks with Paul Soliai and Tyson Jackson in at defensive tackle. That is a problematic amount of goo in the middle of defensive line. The front four was not doing a bad job at getting pressure, which I would like to hope is due to a huge defensive line and not a terrible offensive line.

Devin Hester was getting plenty of reps with the wide receivers. While the Bears decided to limit Hester as strictly a special teams player, the Falcons look ready to get him involved on the offense. As expected, he had at least one bad drop. However, newly signed Jeremy Ebert looked pretty good and sure-handed yesterday.

The End

Few surprises in the first day of camp. Anyone else at camp have impressions to report?