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Falcons Training Camp Preview: Special Teams

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It's the position preview you've all been waiting for--what's happening with the special teams specialists as we head into training camp in a few hours?


What surprises might the special teams specialists hold for us during training camp and the preseason? Barring the Falcons opting to move Matt Bosher to safety, it's unlikely that there will be any big changes for the kicker, punter, and long snapper positions in 2014.

The Players

Matt Bryant has been incredibly reliable for the Falcons. Yes, he's nearing 40, but he's a kicker. Age honestly doesn't matter that much. Bryant has been a huge factor in the team's success, and as long as his accuracy remains similar to what it's been over the past several years, he should remain Atlanta's kicker in 2014. Bryant converted 24 of 27 field goal attempts last season with a long of 53 yards.

Sergio Castillo is an undrafted free agent kicker out of West Texas A & M. In his final season for the Buffaloes, he connected on 24 of 30 field goals.

Matt Bosher is a quality punter and he hits like a defensive player. Bosher averaged 46.6 yards per punt last season and put it inside the 20 38.2% of the time.

Josh Harris is young, he's cheap, and he has good chemistry with Bosher and Bryant. Long snapper is a pretty specialized position and he does a good job.

What's Changed?

The Falcons did add Sergio Castillo to the roster, but bless his heart, he's likely just a camp leg.

The Big Question

No matter what, there's a lot of stability in this unit, but it's reasonable to wonder if this will be the year that age begins to inhibit Matt Bryant's effectiveness. The other question on everyone's minds is, how is it even possible that Matt Bosher is such a badass?

Best Case Scenario

Matt Bryant continues to be consistently clutch, Matt Bosher still punts effectively and hits like a truck, and Josh Harris just keeps doing what he does.

Worst Case Scenario

Age hinders Matt Bryant's accuracy and Matt Bosher is hit with an untimely suspension for just hitting too darn hard.


With the cap space Atlanta currently has, unless Matt Bryant is atrocious all of a sudden--which I think is unlikely--this lineup is probably the lineup you'll see on the final roster.

What do you think about the special teams specialists?