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Falcons Place Corey Peters, Zeke Motta On Training Camp PUP List

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Both players will miss training camp, in all likelihood.

Streeter Lecka

Last night, the Falcons announced that both DT Corey Peters and safety Zeke Motta will be hitting the training camp PUP list, joining good friend Drew Davis there. It's a bummer for both, though more so for Motta.

Peters, you'll recall, tore his Achilles at the very end of the season. It was a devastating blow for both player and team, and it was fair to assume Peters' recovery time would be long. There was little question Peters was going to work his butt off to get back, prove his health and hopefully cash in on a nice deal in 2015, but these things take a considerable amount of time, particularly when you are a 300 pound man who needs to move very quickly.

His placement on the camp PUP list tells you he's not ready to start moving full tilt just yet, but it's not necessarily something you should be too concerned about. If the team believes Peters will be able to go for Week 1 and round himself into game shape quickly, there's no reason to jeopardize his progress thus far by rushing him. If all goes well, Peters will be getting at least a few snaps in the first two weeks of the season and ramping up to his old role and production fairly quickly.

Motta, on the other hand, is likely ticketed for injured reserve. Vaughn McClure at ESPN has repeatedly hinted that he expects a resolution of Motta's status in the near future, but by putting him on PUP, the Falcons basically get to punt any decision a little longer. If Motta's neck injury is serious—and there's every indication it was and is—there's virtually no chance he plays this season. Until we hear definitively from the team, though, we can't be sure exactly what's going on.

Your thoughts?