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Mike Smith: Julio Jones cleared for training camp practices, will be kept on "snap count"

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Fact: Julio Jones' sandals neither flip nor flop

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Julio Jones fifth metatarsal bone is a huge jerk. Like take Alex Welch, get him real drunk on malt liquor, then set him free in an elementary school playground. Just kidding, Alex's probation officer won't allow him to be around kids. Jones' fifth metatarsal bone is that kind of jerk.

But alas, modern science! Per Mike Smith, Jones was officially cleared for training camp. The AJC's D. Orlando Ledbetter has the details, but it looks they will keep Jones on a "snap count" of sorts.

"He will be limited in terms of his snaps," Smith said. "Our number one goal is to make sure that we’ve got everybody as healthy as we possibly can be, but we know that we have to get these guys some work together and reps. Julio will be out there participating in practice right from the start."

I don't know who the Falcons are paying to sit at every practice and count Jones' "snaps," but if you're reading this Mr. Blank, I'll gladly do it for free.

Jones is at a bit of a crossroads. When healthy, he's a dynamic, freakishly athletic manbeast. But his legacy will largely hinge on his ability to stay healthy moving forward. I'm inclined to think it won't be a problem, or maybe I'm just sticking my head in the sand and hoping for the best. In any case, it's good to know that Jones will be on the practice field as training camp kicks off.

Your thoughts?