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Report: Falcons to sign Angerer, Add Ebert

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A report has surfaced linking former Colt LB Pat Angerer to the Falcons. Former Jaguar WR Jeremy Ebert has also signed with the team.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Breaking news from Aaron Wilson and The Oracle himself:

Angerer is just 27 years old, so there is potential to get a couple of good years out of him. With Spoon gone, veteran LB depth was certainly a concern. Angerer was a name that was floated around here as a preference to be signed. Looks like Dimitroff was reading us. Right? Right?!

Angerer spent four years with the Colts, amassing 2.5 sacks, 184 tackles, 133 assists, and 2 interceptions. He's had injury problems in the past couple of seasons, though he did play in all 16 games his first two years in the league. He probably won't be a superstar, but he's a potential Mike Peterson/Stephen Nicholas-type player.

Ebert is probably just a camp body, or so I'd say.

Your thoughts on the news?