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Despite his success in 2013, why have Falcons fans seemingly forgotten about Darius Johnson?

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Fact: Darius Johnson is so fast, he could beat Roadrunner and Sonic's illegitimate lovechild in a footrace

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For your average Falcons fan, the injuries to Roddy White and Julio Jones last season were devastating. I personally cried myself to sleep after Julio's injury, nachos grande and 2 liter of Diet Cherry Dr. Pepper by my side. But for Darius Johnson, their injuries led to an opportunity. Had neither man been injured, Johnson may never have found himself in the lineup.

Instead, he found himself active on game day. He was targeted 43 times, pulling in 22 of those passes en route to 210 receiving yards and one touchdown. Not numbers that will blow anyone out of the water, but he also impressed during the pre-season. So much so that many thought he should've never seen the practice squad at all last season.

But then the off-season happened. The Falcons acquired Devin Hester, Julio has apparently rebounded from injury, Roddy is feeling great, the run game is reinvigorated, and Johnson is an afterthought. How quickly we forget.

Look, I know Johnson isn't a Pro Bowler, but he's certainly got the potential to contribute. Devin Hester may be the best return man in NFL history, but he failed miserably as a WR in Chicago. I know he wants to be involved in the offense, but I'd have to think Johnson's the better option at this point in his career. It's also unclear when Drew Davis will be healthy again.

Going into training camp, Johnson presents as the Falcons 7th or 8th best receiving option (behind Julio, Roddy, Harry Douglas, Jacquizz Rodgers, Steven Jackson, and Levine Toilolo), so I may be splitting hairs here. I'm just a little lost as to why he's an afterthought right now.

Your thoughts?