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Which Falcons will be the stars of Hard Knocks?

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Which players do you think will establish themselves as the stars of Hard Knocks this season?

Kevin C. Cox

Linebacker Tyler Starr recently spoke to KDLT Sports, a NBC affiliate in South Dakota, about his expectations for HBO and NFL Films' training camp series Hard Knocks, which will be filming the Falcons throughout training camp.

The series is primarily focused on what it takes to make a roster in the National Football League, with an emphasis on the rookie experience in training camp, so Starr--a seventh rounder who is by no means guaranteed to make the roster--could be heavily featured on the series. The linebacker with the flowing blond locks is described as a "performer," and could easily emerge as a star on the series.

NFL Films Associate Producer Cari Hebert also spoke to KDLT, and she said that Starr's backstory--a small school player who has worked hard and is embracing the opportunity to fulfill his dream of playing in the NFL--makes him an interesting player to feature on the series. She also mentioned Starr's hair, which makes him instantly recognizable to viewers.

So it's entirely possible that Starr could emerge as a star during the Falcons' Hard Knocks run. Roddy White said during minicamp that he didn't expect to be a star on Hard Knocks, but knowing White's outspoken personality, I truly find that hard to believe. Matt Bryant--always a fan favorite--could easily win over the audience as well. I think the cameras will love Atlanta's new offensive and defensive line coaches, as it's reasonable to expect that Mike Tice and Bryan Cox's colorful language will really justify the show's TV-MA rating.

In terms of the rookies, HBO and NFL Films should love Ra'Shede Hageman's backstory. During minicamp, Hageman seemed really focused and committed to doing whatever he could to succeed at this level, and he's a player that everyone should want to see succeed. I could definitely see Hageman emerging as a Hard Knocks star, even though I get the sense from his personality that it isn't anything he would actively pursue. Devonta Freeman is really comfortable and confident talking to the media, and with the undercurrent of competition for touches at the running back position, his story could emerge as one of particular interest during Hard Knocks. Jake Matthews, with his NFL pedigree and so much hope for offensive line improvement resting on his shoulders, could also be prominently featured.

Which other players or coaches do you think will be established as the stars of the series this season? What do you want the nationwide audience to learn about the Falcons from the series?