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The Falcoholic's Ridiculously Early 2014 NFL Playoff Picture

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Yes, we're actually doing this.

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One of the reader requests we received recently was from falcons11, who wanted us to take a crack at a, and I quote, "ridiculously early" playoff picture. I couldn't pass this one up.

Obviously this is nothing but assumptions all the way down, and a way to foment some decent discussion about what teams might be playoff-bound next season. Don't take it as gospel, particularly since you're not going to like one of the omissions.


East: New England Patriots
North: Cincinnati Bengals
South: Indianapolis Colts
West: Denver Broncos
Wildcard: Kansas City Chiefs
Wildcard: New York Jets

Wildcard Round

Colts beat Jets
Chiefs beat Patriots

Divisional Round

Bengals beat Chiefs
Broncos beat Colts

AFC Championship

Broncos beat Bengals

The toughest teams to leave out over here were probably the Baltimore Ravens, who should rise back a bit after a putrid 2013, and the San Diego Chargers, who I think will head into the season extremely underrated. I think the Jets, with their aggressive defense and a better offense, will be able to do enough to sneak into the playoffs.


East: Philadelphia Eagles
North: Green Bay Packers
South: New Orleans Saints
West: Seattle Seahawks
Wildcard: San Francisco 49ers
Wildcard: Arizona Cardinals

The Falcons, obviously, hurt. I've got them getting to 9-7 this season, though, and in an ultra-competitive NFC, that may just not be enough. This could be a big year for the West, which is simply the best division going right now.

Wildcard Round

Cardinals beat Eagles
Seahawks beat 49ers

Divisional Round

Packers beat Cardinals
Seahawks beat Saints

Conference Championship

Packers beat Seahawks

Super Bowl

Packers beat Broncos

Go nuts and give us your best predictions.