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You Make The Call: Generating A Falcons Pass Rush

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Put yourself in Mike Nolan's tasteful shoes.

Daniel Shirey-US PRESSWIRE

It's the weekend, and we love discussion posts on the weekend because they force you to use your brain and we're cruel like that.

So here's the scenario: You're Mike Nolan, with a defense freshly loaded with large men (Paul Soliai, Tyson Jackson, Ra'Shede Hageman) and a lot of young linebackers (Marquis Spruill, Prince Shembo, Tyler Starr, Yawin Smallwood). With those pieces, you hope you can run a more effective 3-4, but more to the point, you hope for a better pass rush.

Given the players at your disposal and the urgent need to get more out of this defense, how are you going to ensure the pass rush improves? How do you array your front seven to generate that? How heavily involved will your secondary be in terms of blitzing, and what do you think is a reasonable expectation for that pass rush?

Sound off in the comments and share your rationale.