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Steven Jackson talks Falcons changes, personal life in interview with

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Chatty Steven.

Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

Steven Jackson is no stranger to the media these days. The veteran running has showed up several times throughout the offseason in various interviews and personal interest pieces, along with posting his thoughts on his own website. Jackson recently sat down with to discuss a few topics like Mike Tice's arrival in Atlanta and the upcoming Hard Knocks series on HBO.

Jackson has already praised Tice's work with the offensive line. He went on to talk a little more about the style of play in today's NFL, and what Tice brings to the table.

It's kind of a new world in the NFL now-it's a passing game, so running the football and teaching the technique of run blocking is something that's really not taught. Mike Tice, though, he's from the old school, though-he played in the NFL. He understands what it takes to make the blocks, stuff like what are the appropriate angles to take to get to defensive guys. And let's face it, the guys on the defensive side of the ball are more athletic than the ones blocking for the offense, so they [offensive blockers] need to understand these techniques in order to get an advantage, and I think what's happening is that some of that stuff is being overlooked and not being touched on.

He also seems excited about the opportunity to be on Hard Knocks. Jackson was always a well-known name during his time with the Rams, but he wasn't exactly highlighted often by the media.

I'm looking forward to telling my story. I think a lot of people, well I think a lot of people don't know my story because of all those years I spent in St. Louis and being in a smaller market where opportunities like this just didn't come. This is just going to be me telling my story 11 years later.

You can read the whole interview here. Jackson goes on to talk about his time in the Amazon, traveling around the world and an interest in photography. He's an interesting guy. I'm looking forward to seeing more when Hard Knocks starts.